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Freelance work is often seen as a great way to take control of your work and not have to report to a supervisor. There are a couple of benefits of freelance work that make it a good choice for many people.


Being your own boss gives you the ability to have full control over all decisions. You’ll have he freedom to choose which clients to work with, what projects to take on, and how to go about completing them.


Along with freedom comes flexibility. You can take vacations whenever you want to and determine your own workload. If you know you will have to take some time off, you can plan accordingly.

At the same time, there are some downsides that come along with solo work to be mindful of.


Freelancers often spend time working from home and complete their projects alone. The comradery that is built by working with peers in an office is often missing from running your own business.

Lack of Structure

There will be times when you have to juggle several projects or have none at all. It is important to be able to maintain motivation through the inconsistencies that freelance work naturally brings. Because you set your own deadlines being responsible about work will prove vital.

Freelance and corporate work can be very different, each with its own pros and cons. Doing research on what each entails and evaluating how they could meet your individual needs is the most important step in determining which will be best for you.

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